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Hello!  Welcome to our Cattery!

 We are glad you’re here!  

   One might ask themselves… “Why would anyone have a registered cattery and raise Siberian Forest Cats?”  Well, to answer that I love animals, especially cats, and I am one of the gazillions of people who have severe allergies to cats.  I am 63 years old and have wanted a cat my whole life, but I couldn’t because of being severly allergic to them. I was searching one day on the internet, looking for “allergy free pets” when I found these beautiful cats that claim to cause no allergic reaction for 95% of all people. I did tons of research on the internet. The research caused me to be thrilled , but skeptical.  I decided that I needed to take a ‘leap’ and visit a Siberian Cattery to see for myself.  My husband and I arranged a time to visit with a lady who raises Siberians in St. Louis Missouri.  (Usually, upon visiting someones’ home where a cat lives, just by walking  through the house (not even petting the cat), my eyes will swell, itch, and weep and I become asthmatic quickly.) Obviously, the visit was successful, because here I am, raising these special cats! I raise them because they cause me zero allergies, and because I LOVE this breed! They are so silky soft and beautiful! I can finally snuggle a silky soft cat right up in my neck! CiCi my beautiful ‘Torbie Colorpoint’, will come to be with me at night and jump up on my bed while I am typing or writing on my computer. She will put herself right smack between my face and the computer screen to get my attention.   Then she ‘plops’ herself belly first, on my chest and goes to sleep.  I can hear her purr rhythmically, and also, I can hear her snore!  Sometimes I wake up the next morning and she is still there beside me. It’s magical! Besides these hypoallergenic qualities, these cats are social, outgoing, adventurous and very playful!  I am devoted to raising healthy, social, playful and loving cats to bless the lives of those who have severe allergies.



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